Suki Nabarro

Suki Nabarro is a professional and international selling artist based in Portsmouth, Southern England.  Since Graduating in 2002 Suki has produced and sold her work to a wide and varied audience , across the globe from corporate headquarters and hotels to private clients and commission based work. 

Now at 36 and after having two beautiful children (both of which are at school) Suki is creating and producing her best work yet!  Recently Endorsed by 'Vogue' magazine, they approached Suki to advertise her work in their latest edition , December 2017 with new and controversial editor Edward Enninful. (Please view publications section for full details of this spectacular achievement).

Suki is aiming to exhibit her new and exciting series of paintings and collages in London and other cities, galleries and outlets, so watch this space or contact Suki to discuss a possible collaboration or business venture at

Suki is and has always been an obsessive image collector, particularly drawn to the image of women in mass mediated forms such as 'vogue'.  Taken from the many harvested pages she tears out and collects from various magazines she  expertly creates delicate hand-crafted collages.  Often taking many hours to complete, they are mini artworks in themselves.

“Like the melody comes before the lyrics in song writing , I study form before subject in my art.  I adore shapes to the point of obsession.  Especially within the female form that the mass media bombards us with on a daily basis.

I take these supposed beautiful images of women in their idyllic lifestyles and manipulate them into completely different shapes.  Becoming at times totally unrecognisable, sub-human and alien like.  I am inspired and work by layering image upon image and joining the lines, curves and shapes at certain points, similar to a puzzle until I feel the composition is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.  These collages then become the basis for my expressive paintings.”

Suki's unique and innovative paintings are an extension of the collages she produces , but they have a more definite abstract quality about them that literally makes the viewer want to jump into the artwork and explore.  Her use of a very distinctive bright and bold coloured palette allows the painting to have impact and draws your attention instantly.  The paint is thickly applied with various tools and brushes giving a textured and almost 3D quality to the surface of the canvas. Through her  experienced professionalism Suki has mastered a style that is instantly recognisable as her own.  Her work has character and depth, a style that is timeless and unmissable. Suki Nabarro truly is an artist with extraordinary style and skill.